Journal of Medical Physics

: 1986  |  Volume : 11  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 394-

Heating Techniques For Microwave Hyperthermia Treatment Of Cancer

Yoshio Nikawa1, Fumiaki Okada2 

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Yoshio Nikawa

Hyperthermia has been shown t o be effective in treatment of cancer, especially when combined with chemo-or radiotherapy. It is currently receiving increased attention from oncologists, biologists, engineers, needless to say from clinicians. There are several methods currently in use for producing localized hyperthermia in cancer patients. To use electromagnetic (EM) energy is one of the best means to produce localize d heating i n the human body. In the low frequency region of the EM wave (below several ten megahertz), inductive or capacitive heating is usually used. In this frequency region, the, size of the heating equipment as well as the applicator is too large and the wavelength in the human body is relatively long, therefore the are a of the heating is regional, thus it can not be localized. As compared with this low frequency heating technique, using high frequency region (over several hundred megahertz) is promising for hyperthermia because the wavelength is moderate and the heating equipment and that of the applicator can be made small in size. This technique, known as microwave hyperthermia, heating may be very effective, and the heating area can be localized. Nevertheless, the depth of the heating is always shallow. In this presentation, recent microwave heating techniques for hyperthermia are surveyed, and array techniques to heat deeply in the human body at microwave region is discussed. The discussion is made about a multi - applicator system and an integrated array applicator system. Using the multi - applicator system, deep heating can be realized and the heating portion can be controlled, nevertheless the setup of the applicator to heat human body is rather difficult. On the other hand, using the integrated array applicator, which is designed by means of lens technique, attachment to the human body is easy, because the applicator is single structure. This applicator can converge the field «SQ»of electromagnetic wave deeply inside the human body. The comparison of the heating pattern is made for the integrated wave-guide array applicator and the usually used wave-guide applicator, which has the same aperture size. The discussion is also made about the changing heating pattern technique for microwave hyperthermia.

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