Journal of Medical Physics

: 1986  |  Volume : 11  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 215-

Manual Dosimetry Of Template Implant Using Iridium-192 Source

S Ramaswamy1, M P Saple2, D D Deshpande3, S M Deore4, R Pandhi5 

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S Ramaswamy

This paper aims to help the Cancer Centres, not having computerized treatment-planning system, in carrying out after loading template implants. The rigid geometry of templates implant is conductive for manual dosimetry; the temple is employed in treating cancer of anal canal, prostate and urethra. Iridium-192 sources are after loaded into the hallow needles of the template. The materials required and method of preparing the source inside a fine nylon tube are described. We found that when the source was followed by a stiff metallic wire source loading became smoother, reducing the exposure to the staff. According to Paris system, minimum dose rate for a triangular source array occurs at the intersection of perpendicular bisectors to the triangle. The dose rate at this point (Basal Dose rate) can be calculated from the given table, knowing the distance of each source from this point. The average of dose rates at similar points is found and when reduced to 85% will give the implant dose rate on which source removal is based. A transverse tomography, not necessarily CAT scan, will enable individualized dosimetry for all patients. Variation of dose rate along the template axis is shown; the selection of source length is based on this. A simple method is given to find the dose to critical organ using the lateral X-ray and a graph. The manual dosimetry can wall be supplemented by an atlas of dose distributions of template implant. Other Centres can be benefited by out method of preparing the sources and of coupling manual dosimetry with ready-made computer distributions for template implants.

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Ramaswamy S, Saple M, Deshpande D, Deore S, Pandhi R. Manual Dosimetry Of Template Implant Using Iridium-192 Source.J Med Phys 1986;11:215-215

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Ramaswamy S, Saple M, Deshpande D, Deore S, Pandhi R. Manual Dosimetry Of Template Implant Using Iridium-192 Source. J Med Phys [serial online] 1986 [cited 2020 Oct 27 ];11:215-215
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