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This article has been cited by
1State of dose prescription and compliance to international standard (ICRU-83) in intensity modulated radiation therapy among academic institutions
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11Determination of computed tomography number of high-density materials in 12-bit, 12-bit extended and 16-bit depth for dosimetric calculation in treatment planning system
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17The Effect of Contrast Agents on Dose Calculations of Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiotherapy Plans for Critical Structures
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20Effect of CT number to relative electron density curves acquired at different tube voltage and current on radiotherapy dose calculation
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21Emerging role of MRI in radiation therapy
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22The Crucial Role of the Establishment of Computed Tomography Density Conversion Tables for Treating Brain or Head/Neck Tumors
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23Evaluation of CT Acquisition Protocols Effect on Hounsfield Units and Optimization of CT-RED Calibration Curve Selection in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Systems
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24Implementation and experimental evaluation of Mega-voltage fan-beam CT using a linear accelerator
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29Role and future of MRI in radiation oncology
Indra J Das,Kiaran P McGee,Neelam Tyagi,Hesheng Wang
The British Journal of Radiology.2019;92(1094)20180505
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