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1Radiomics in radiooncology – Challenging the medical physicist
Jan C. Peeken,Michael Bernhofer,Benedikt Wiestler,Tatyana Goldberg,Daniel Cremers,Burkhard Rost,Jan J. Wilkens,Stephanie E. Combs,Fridtjof Nüsslin
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2Radiothérapie adaptative : stratégies et bénéfices selon les localisations tumorales
A. Briens,J. Castelli,A. Barateau,N. Jaksic,K. Gnep,A. Simon,R. De Crevoisier
3Identifying patients who may benefit from adaptive radiotherapy: Does the literature on anatomic and dosimetric changes in head and neck organs at risk during radiotherapy provide information to help?
Charlotte L. Brouwer,Roel J.H.M. Steenbakkers,Johannes A. Langendijk,Nanna M. Sijtsema
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Bhargavi Ilangovan,Murali Venkatraman,Subathira Balasundaram
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6A prospective study of weekly intensity modulated radiation therapy plan adaptation for head and neck cancer: improved target coverage and organ at risk sparing
F. Aly,A. A. Miller,M. G. Jameson,P. E. Metcalfe
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7Weekly kilovoltage cone-beam computed tomography for detection of dose discrepancies during (chemo)radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
Bregtje C.M Hermans,Lucas C.G.G Persoon,Mark Podesta,Frank J.P Hoebers,Frank Verhaegen,Esther G.C Troost
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Pengcheng Zhang,Antoine Simon,Bastien Rigaud,Joël Castelli,Juan David Ospina Arango,Mohamed Nassef,Olivier Henry,Jian Zhu,Pascal Haigron,Baosheng Li,Huazhong Shu,Renaud De Crevoisier
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9Clinical and dosimetric impact of adaptive intensity-modulated radiotherapy in locally advanced head-and-neck cancer
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10Three-Dimensional Airways Reconstruction in Syndromic Pedriatric Patients Following Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
Giuseppe Spinelli,Tommaso Agostini,Francesco Arcuri,Marco Conti,Mirco Raffaini
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11Analysis of dose using CBCT and synthetic CT during head and neck radiotherapy: A single centre feasibility study
Lisa K Hay,Claire Paterson,Philip McLoone,Eliane Miguel-Chumacero,Ronan Valentine,Suzanne Currie,Derek Grose,Stefano Schipani,Christina Wilson,Ioanna Nixon,Allan James,Aileen Duffton
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12Impact of Adaptive Radiotherapy on Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer - A Dosimetric and Volumetric Study
Abhinav Dewan,SK Sharma,AK. Dewan,Himanshu Srivastava,Sheh Rawat,Anjali Kakria,Maninder Mishra,T Suresh,Krati Mehrotra
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13Usability of Deformable Image Registration for Adaptive Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer and an Automatic Prediction of Replanning
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14A feasibility study on adaptive 18F-FDG-PET-guided radiotherapy for recurrent and second primary head and neck cancer in the previously irradiated territory
Julie Schatteman,Dirk Van Gestel,Dieter Berwouts,Werner De Gersem,Geert De Kerf,Wilfried De Neve,Bie De Ost,Ana Maria Luiza Olteanu,Sylvie Rottey,Tom Vercauteren,Ingeborg Goethals,Fréderic Duprez
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15Head and Neck Cancer Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART): Conceptual Considerations for the Informed Clinician
Jolien Heukelom,Clifton David Fuller
Seminars in Radiation Oncology.2019;29(3)258
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