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1Defining the Optimal Time of Adaptive Replanning in Prostate Cancer Patients with Weight Change during Volumetric Arc Radiotherapy: A Dosimetric and Mathematical Analysis Using the Gamma Index
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2Dosimetric Comparison of Real-Time MRI-Guided Tri-Cobalt-60 Versus Linear Accelerator-Based Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Lung Cancer Plans
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3Current radiotherapy techniques in NSCLC: challenges and potential solutions
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4Evaluation of various dose homogeneity indices for treatment of patients with cervix cancer using intensity-modulated radiation therapy technique
Atia Atiq,Maria Atiq,Khalid Iqbal,Quratul Ain Shamsi,Saeed Ahmad Buzdar
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8Hybrid Tri-Co-60 MRI radiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer: An in silico evaluation
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9Dosimetric feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging-guided tri-cobalt 60 preoperative intensity modulated radiation therapy for soft tissue sarcomas of the extremity
Amar U. Kishan,Minsong Cao,Argin G. Mikaeilian,Daniel A. Low,Patrick A. Kupelian,Michael L. Steinberg,Mitchell Kamrava
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10MR-based treatment planning in radiation therapy using a deep learning approach
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13Dosimetric analysis of stereotactic body radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer using MR-guided Tri-60Co unit, MR-guided LINAC, and conventional LINAC-based plans
Stephen James Ramey,Kyle R. Padgett,Narottam Lamichhane,Hanmath J. Neboori,Deukwoo Kwon,Eric A. Mellon,Karen Brown,Melissa Duffy,James Victoria,Nesrin Dogan,Lorraine Portelance
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14Multimodality Functional Imaging in Radiation Therapy Planning: Relationships between Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI, Diffusion-Weighted MRI, and 18F-FDG PET
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15A treatment planning comparison between modulated tri-cobalt-60 teletherapy and linear accelerator–based stereotactic body radiotherapy for central early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
Catherine Merna,Jean-Claude M. Rwigema,Minsong Cao,Pin-Chieh Wang,Amar U. Kishan,Argin Michailian,James Lamb,Ke Sheng,Nzhde Agazaryan,Daniel A. Low,Patrick Kupelian,Michael L. Steinberg,Percy Lee
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16Treatment plan quality during online adaptive re-planning
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17A ring-based compensator IMRT system optimized for low- and middle-income countries: Design and treatment planning study
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18A comparative planning study for lung SABR between tri-Co-60 magnetic resonance image guided radiation therapy system and volumetric modulated arc therapy
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19Adaptive anatomical preservation optimal denoising for radiation therapy daily MRI
Rapeepan Maitree,Gloria J. Guzman Perez-Carrillo,Joshua S. Shimony,H. Michael Gach,Anupama Chundury,Michael Roach,H. Harold Li,Deshan Yang
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20Assessment of Dose Distributions According to Low Magnetic Field Effect for Prostate SABR
Jaeman Son,Hyun Joon An,Chang Heon Choi,Eui Kyu Chie,Jin Ho Kim,Jong Min Park,Jung-in Kim
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21Feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging–guided liver stereotactic body radiation therapy: A comparison between modulated tri-cobalt-60 teletherapy and linear accelerator–based intensity modulated radiation therapy
Amar U. Kishan,Minsong Cao,Pin-Chieh Wang,Argin G. Mikaeilian,Stephen Tenn,Jean-Claude M. Rwigema,Ke Sheng,Daniel A. Low,Patrick A. Kupelian,Michael L. Steinberg,Percy Lee
Practical Radiation Oncology.2015;5(5)330
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