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91Potential proton and photon dose degradation in advanced head and neck cancer patients by intratherapy changes
Bruce Thomadsen,Rupak Das
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92Dosimetric impact of geometric distortions in an MRI-only proton therapy workflow for lung, liver and pancreas
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93Dosimetric Comparison of Proton Radiation Therapy, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, and Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy Based on Intracranial Tumor Location
Sebastian Adeberg,Semi Harrabi,Nina Bougatf,Vivek Verma,Paul Windisch,Denise Bernhardt,Stephanie Combs,Klaus Herfarth,Juergen Debus,Stefan Rieken
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Ham Il-Sik,Cho Pyong-Kon,Jung Kang-Kyo
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95Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison of treatment plan between CyberKnife and EDGE in stereotactic body radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer
Zhi-tao Dai,Li Ma,Ting-ting Cao,Lian Zhu,Man Zhao,Ning Li
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96Feasibility of a Skin Dose Reduction for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Treated With High-Intensity-Modulated Delivery Techniques
Xiongfei Liao,Jie Li,Pei Wang,Xinghong Yao,Yulei Zhang,Tingqiang Tan,Lucia Clara Orlandini
Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment.2018;17(1)153303381880358
97Treatment outcome for locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer using TomoDirect plan and its characteristics compared to the TomoHelical plan
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Eva Sau Fan Liu,Vincent Wing Cheung Wu,Benjamin Harris,Matthew Foote,Margot Lehman,Lawrence Wing Chi Chan
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99Trajectory-based VMAT for cranial targets with delivery at shortened SAD
Joel Mullins,Marc-André Renaud,Veng Heng,Russell Ruo,François DeBlois,Jan Seuntjens
Medical Physics.2020;47(7)3103
100Voxel dosimetry: Comparison of MCNPX and DOSXYZnrc Monte Carlo codes in patient specific phantom calculations
Kamal Hadad,Mahdi Saeedi-Moghadam,Banafsheh Zeinali-Rafsanjani
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101Dosimetric Impact of Using a Virtual Couch Shift for Online Correction of Setup Errors for Brain Patients on an Integrated High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Linear Accelerator
Mark Ruschin,Arjun Sahgal,Chia-Lin Tseng,Marcus Sonier,Brian Keller,Young Lee
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102Secondary cancer risk after radiation therapy for breast cancer with different radiotherapy techniques
Quanbin Zhang,Jinbo Liu,Ningjian Ao,Hui Yu,Yingying Peng,Liya Ou,Shuxu Zhang
Scientific Reports.2020;10(1)699
103Stereotactic radiotherapy for small and very small tumours (=1 to =3 cc): evaluation of the influence of volumetric-modulated arc therapy in comparison to dynamic conformal arc therapy and 3D conformal radiotherapy as a function of flattened and unflattened beam models
Gopinath Mamballikalam,S. Senthilkumar,R. C. Jaon Bos,P. M. Ahamed Basith,P. M. Jayadevan
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104A planning study to optimise a simultaneously integrated boost treatment of larynx cancer with seven intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) beams
M. Erraoudi,M. A. Youssoufi,F. Bentayeb,M. R. Malisan
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105Dosimetric comparison of advanced radiotherapy approaches using photon techniques and particle therapy in the postoperative management of thymoma
Matthias Felix Haefner,Vivek Verma,Nina Bougatf,Thomas Mielke,Eric Tonndorf-Martini,Laila König,Jean-Claude M. Rwigema,Charles B. Simone 2nd,Lorenz Uhlmann,Florian Eichhorn,Hauke Winter,Heidrun Grosch,Thomas Haberer,Klaus Herfarth,Jürgen Debus,Stefan Rieken
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106Dosimetric comparison of CT-guided iodine-125 seed stereotactic brachytherapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy in the treatment of NSCLC
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108Analysis of dose heterogeneity using a subvolume-DVH
M Said,P Nilsson,C Ceberg
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109Dosimetric comparison of the helical tomotherapy, volumetric-modulated arc therapy and fixed-field intensity-modulated radiotherapy for stage IIB-IIIB non-small cell lung cancer
Yujin Xu,Weiye Deng,Shuangyan Yang,Pu Li,Yue Kong,Ye Tian,Zhongxing Liao,Ming Chen
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110Clinical Evaluation of Onrad, A New Low-cost Version of TomoTherapy that Uses Only Static Beams
The Kurume Medical Journal.2018;65(4)129
111Total body irradiation of bone marrow transplant using helical TomoTherapy with a focus on the quality of dose contribution at junction target volumes
N. V. N. Madhusudhana Sresty,Deleep Gudipudi,A. Krishnam Raju,T. Anil kumar,V. R. P. Lakshmi,G. Srikanth,M. Narasimha
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112A feasibility dosimetric study on prostate cancer
Carmelo Marino,Elena Villaggi,Giulia Maggi,Marco Esposito,Lidia Strigari,Elisa Bonanno,Giusi R. Borzì,Claudia Carbonini,Rita Consorti,David Fedele,Christian Fiandra,Isidora Ielo,Tiziana Malatesta,Maria Rosa Malisan,Anna Martinotti,Renzo Moretti,Barbara Nardiello,Caterina Oliviero,Stefania Clemente,Pietro Mancosu
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113Comparison of dose volumetric parameters of oesophagus in the radiation treatment of carcinoma breast with and without oesophagus delineation
Reshma Bhaskaran,Sajeev George Pulickal,Harikrishnan Reghu,Aparna Perumangat,Girish Babu Moolath
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.2021;191(7)1
114Very high-energy electron ( VHEE ) beams in radiation therapy; Treatment plan comparison between VHEE , VMAT , and PPBS
Emil Schüler,Kjell Eriksson,Elin Hynning,Steven L. Hancock,Susan M. Hiniker,Magdalena Bazalova-Carter,Tony Wong,Quynh-Thu Le,Billy W. Loo,Peter G. Maxim
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115Dose–volume histogram analysis and clinical evaluation of knowledge-based plans with manual objective constraints for pharyngeal cancer
Takuya Uehara,Hajime Monzen,Mikoto Tamura,Kazuki Ishikawa,Hiroshi Doi,Yasumasa Nishimura
Journal of Radiation Research.2020;61(3)499
116Design, fabrication, and validation of patient-specific electron tissue compensators for postmastectomy radiation therapy
Daniel F. Craft,Peter Balter,Wendy Woodward,Stephen F. Kry,Mohammad Salehpour,Rachel Ger,Mary Peters,Garrett Baltz,Erik Traneus,Rebecca M. Howell
Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology.2018;8(3)38
117Can dose outside the PTV influence the risk of distant metastases in stage I lung cancer patients treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)?
André Diamant,Avishek Chatterjee,Sergio Faria,Issam El Naqa,Houda Bahig,Edith Filion,Cliff Robinson,Hani Al-Halabi,Jan Seuntjens
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118Study of dosimetric indices and dose constraints to critical organs for head and neck tumours treated with inverse planned simultaneous integrated boost intensity-modulated radiotherapy
Atia Atiq,Maria Atiq,Khalid Iqbal,Qurat-ul-ain Shamsi,Saeed Ahmad Buzdar
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.2018;17(2)179
119Dosimetric comparison of analytical anisotropic algorithm and the two dose reporting modes of Acuros XB dose calculation algorithm in volumetric modulated arc therapy of carcinoma lung and carcinoma prostate
Zhenia Gopalakrishnan,Saju Bhasi,Raghukumar P.,Sharika V. Menon,Sarin B.,Anna George Thayil,Raghuram K. Nair
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120Optimizing radiosurgery with photons for ocular melanoma
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Flowerlit Thomas,Suresh Kumar K,Mintu Mathew,Kiran P
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123Dosimetric comparison of 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy and impact of setup errors in lower limb sarcoma radiation therapy
Meadhbh Arthurs,Charles Gillham,Evelyn O’Shea,Elaine McCrickard,Michelle Leech
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124Dosimetric analysis of Tomotherapy-based intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery of brain metastasis
S. Agostinelli,S. Garelli,M. Gusinu,M. Zeverino,F. Cavagnetto,F. Pupillo,A. Bellini,G. Taccini
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125nTMS-derived DTI-based motor fiber tracking in radiotherapy treatment planning of high-grade gliomas for avoidance of motor structures
Christian D. Diehl,Enrike Rosenkranz,Martin Mißlbeck,Maximilian Schwendner,Nico Sollmann,Sebastian Ille,Bernhard Meyer,Stephanie E. Combs,Denise Bernhardt,Sandro M. Krieg
Radiotherapy and Oncology.2022;171(2)189
126A novel voxel based homogeneity index: Rationale and clinical implications for whole-brain radiation therapy
Alexander Henry Thieme,Carmen Stromberger,Pirus Ghadjar,Sophie K. Piper,Volker Budach
Radiotherapy and Oncology.2018;128(2)229
127Safety and efficacy of stereotactic body radiation therapy ( SBRT ) for the treatment of canine thyroid carcinoma
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128Improving plan quality for prostate volumetric-modulated arc therapy
Katrina Wright,Janet Ferrari-Anderson,Tamara Barry,Anne Bernard,Elizabeth Brown,Margot Lehman,David Pryor
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129Particle-beam-dependent optimization for Monte Carlo simulation in hadrontherapy using tetrahedral geometries
Yazid Touileb,Hamid Ladjal,Michael Beuve,Behzad Shariat
Physics in Medicine & Biology.2018;63(13)135021
130Simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) for treatment of gynecologic carcinoma: Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) vs volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) radiotherapy
Irina Vergalasova,Kim Light,Junzo Chino,Oana Craciunescu
Medical Dosimetry.2017;42(3)230
131Proton versus Photon Radiotherapy for Pediatric Central Nervous System Malignancies: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Dosimetric Comparison Studies
Roberta Carbonara,Alessia Di Rito,Angela Monti,Giuseppe Rubini,Angela Sardaro
Journal of Oncology.2019;2019(3)1
132Endometrium, serviks ve larinks kanserlerinin yogunluk ayarli radyoterapi tekniginde doz homojenite indeksinin kantitatif olarak degerlendirilmesi ve homojenite indeks degerlerinin karsilastirilmasi
Balikesir Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi.2017;2019(3)135
133Superiority in Robustness of Multifield Optimization Over Single-Field Optimization for Pencil-Beam Proton Therapy for Oropharynx Carcinoma: An Enhanced Robustness Analysis
Kristin Stützer,Alexander Lin,Maura Kirk,Liyong Lin
International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics.2017;99(3)738
134Analysis of different evaluation indexes for prostate stereotactic body radiation therapy plans: conformity index, homogeneity index and gradient index
Tingting Cao,Zhitao Dai,Zhen Ding,Wuzhou Li,Hong Quan
Precision Radiation Oncology.2019;3(3)72
135Functional cranio-spinal irradiation: A hippocampal and hypothalamic-pituitary axis sparing radiation technique using two IMRT modalities
Jack Zheng,Saif Aljabab,Patricia Lacasse,Jamie Bahm,Katie Lekx-Toniolo,Laval Grimard
Medical Dosimetry.2020;45(2)190
136Dosimetric comparison of RapidPlan and manually optimized plans in volumetric modulated arc therapy for prostate cancer
Kazuki Kubo,Hajime Monzen,Kentaro Ishii,Mikoto Tamura,Ryu Kawamorita,Iori Sumida,Hirokazu Mizuno,Yasumasa Nishimura
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137Dosimetric comparison of RapidPlan and manually optimized plans in volumetric modulated arc therapy for prostate cancer
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138Plan quality effects of maximum monitor unit constraints in pencil beam scanning proton therapy for central nervous system and skull base tumors
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139Dosimetric comparison of three intensity-modulated radiation therapies for left breast cancer after breast-conserving surgery
Huai-wen Zhang,Bo Hu,Chen Xie,Yun-lai Wang
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140Dosimetric evaluation of automatic and manual plans for early nasopharyngeal carcinoma to radiotherapy
Quanbin Zhang,Yingying Peng,Xianlu Song,Hui Yu,Linjing Wang,Shuxu Zhang
Medical Dosimetry.2020;45(1)e13
141Left breast irradiation with tangential intensity modulated radiotherapy (t-IMRT) versus tangential volumetric modulated arc therapy (t-VMAT): trade-offs between secondary cancer induction risk and optimal target coverage
Daniel Karpf,Mazen Sakka,Martin Metzger,Gerhard G. Grabenbauer
Radiation Oncology.2019;14(1)e13
142Can Conformity-Based Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Improve Dosimetry and Speed of Delivery in Radiation Therapy to Lumbosacral Spine Compared with Conventional Techniques?
Joanna Javor,Meagan Robbins,Tara Rosewall,Tim Craig,Conrad Joseph Villafuerte,Bernard Cummings,Laura Dawson
Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences.2020;51(3)404
143Impact of Multiple Beams on Plan Quality, Linear Energy Transfer Distribution, and Plan Robustness of Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer
Haijiao Shang,Yuehu Pu,Zhiling Chen,Xuetao Wang,Cuiyun Yuan,Xiance Jin,Chenbin Liu
ACS Sensors.2021;6(2)408
144Cone-Beam-CT Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Enables Quality Assurance and Superior Sparing of Healthy Lung
Philipp Hoegen,Clemens Lang,Sati Akbaba,Peter Häring,Mona Splinter,Annette Miltner,Marion Bachmann,Christiane Stahl-Arnsberger,Thomas Brechter,Rami A. El Shafie,Fabian Weykamp,Laila König,Jürgen Debus,Juliane Hörner-Rieber
Frontiers in Oncology.2020;10(2)408
145The Impact of Body Mass Index on Radiotherapy Technique in Patients With Early-Stage Endometrial Cancer
Guler Yavas,Cagdas Yavas,Ozlem Secilmis Kerimoglu,Cetin Celik
International Journal of Gynecological Cancer.2014;24(9)1607
146Formulation of Medicated Chewing Gum Containing Sceletium tortuosum and Process Optimization Utilizing the SeDeM Diagram Expert System
Joe M. Viljoen,Sonja van der Walt,Josias H. Hamman
AAPS PharmSciTech.2021;22(3)1607
147Comparaison entre Stump Cylinder et moule personnalisé, effet de la forme de l’applicateur sur la distribution de dose
M. Jreij,Z. Al Kattar,J. Charara
148Evaluation of various dose homogeneity indices for treatment of patients with cervix cancer using intensity-modulated radiation therapy technique
Atia Atiq,Maria Atiq,Khalid Iqbal,Quratul Ain Shamsi,Saeed Ahmad Buzdar
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.2019;18(1)32
149Evaluations of secondary cancer risk in spine radiotherapy using 3DCRT, IMRT, and VMAT: A phantom study
Jalil ur Rehman,Ramesh C. Tailor,Muhammad Isa,Muhammad Afzal,James Chow,Geoffrey S. Ibbott
Medical Dosimetry.2015;40(1)70
150Dosimetric comparison between the prostate intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) plans using the planning target volume (PTV) dose–volume factor
James C. L. Chow,Runqing Jiang,Alexander Kiciak,Daniel Markel
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.2016;15(3)263
151Complementary Relation Between the Improvement of Dose Delivery Technique and PTV Margin Reduction in Dose-Escalated Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Satoru Utsunomiya,Jun Yamamoto,Satoshi Tanabe,Mayu Oishi,Aruha Satsuma,Motoki Kaidu,Eisuke Abe,Atsushi Ohta,Naotaka Kushima,Hidefumi Aoyama
Practical Radiation Oncology.2019;9(3)172
152A Monte Carlo Determination of Dose and Range Uncertainties for Preclinical Studies with a Proton Beam
Arthur Bongrand,Charbel Koumeir,Daphnée Villoing,Arnaud Guertin,Ferid Haddad,Vincent Métivier,Freddy Poirier,Vincent Potiron,Noël Servagent,Stéphane Supiot,Grégory Delpon,Sophie Chiavassa
153Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison of prostate VMAT plans optimized using the photon and progressive resolution algorithm
James C.L. Chow,Runqing Jiang,Lu Xu
Medical Dosimetry.2020;45(1)14
154Dosimetric Evaluation of Pinnacle’s Automated Treatment Planning Software to Manually Planned Treatments
Kristen A. McConnell,Tyler Marston,Brianna Elizabeth Zehren,Aziz Lirani,Dennis N. Stanley,Aaron Bishop,Richard Crownover,Tony Eng,Zheng Shi,Ying Li,Diana Baacke,Neil Kirby,Karl Rasmussen,Niko Papanikolaou,Alonso N. Gutierrez
Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment.2018;17(1)153303381878006
155A new homogeneity index definition for evaluation of radiotherapy plans
Lingling Yan,Yingjie Xu,Xinyuan Chen,Xin Xie,Bin Liang,Jianrong Dai
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.2019;20(11)50
156Hybrid intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) technique versus three-dimensional (3D) conformal radiotherapy with SIB for breast radiotherapy: a planning comparison
Shayne K. Smith,Reuben P. Estoesta,Jaraad A. Kader,Darren Martin,Elizabeth R. Claridge-Mackonis,Joanne M. Toohey,Susan L. Carroll
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.2016;15(2)131
157Dosimetric comparison of coplanar and non-coplanar volumetric-modulated arc therapy in head and neck cancer treated with radiotherapy
Sanjib Gayen,Sri Harsha Kombathula,Sumanta Manna,Sonal Varshney,Puneet Pareek
Radiation Oncology Journal.2020;38(2)138
158Fan-Shaped Complete Block on Helical Tomotherapy for Esophageal Cancer: A Phantom Study
Chiu-Han Chang,Greta S. P. Mok,Pei-Wei Shueng,Hsin-Pei Yeh,An-Cheng Shiau,Hui-Ju Tien,Chi-Ta Lin,Tung-Hsin Wu
BioMed Research International.2015;2015(2)1
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